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abuse & assault neonatology (I/P)
acute Interventions chronic patient(P) neurology (I/P)
airway (I/P) obstetrics (I/P)
allergy (I/P) overview of human systems (I)
behavioral/psychiatric disorders (I/P) patient assessment (I/P)
cardiology (I/P) patients with special challenges (P)
endocrinology/diabetic emergencies(I/P) pathophysiology (P)
environmental conditions (I/P) pediatrics (I/P)
foundations (I/P) pharmacology (I/P)
gastroenterology/abdominal emergencies(I/P) pulmonary (I/P)
geriatrics (I/P) renal/urology (P)
gynecology (I/P) toxicology (I/P)
hematology (P) trauma (I/P)
infections and communicable disease (P) venous access & medication admin (I/P)