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EMS Tutorial: Summary

This was a short tutorial on EMS. If you desire a more indepth study, please review the links to EMS Organizations and/or Documents.

For a more detailed read on rural EMS issues try Solving the Paramedic Parodox

In addition, the following texts and periodicals may be of use:

  • Prehospital Systems and Medical Oversight (Third ed.), Kuehl, A. E. (Ed.). (2002). Kendall Hunt. ISBN 0787270717. Order at www.naemsp.org
  • Medical Direction of Emergency Medical Services (Third ed.), American College of Emergency Physicians, (2001). Order at www.acep.org.
  • Principles of EMS Systems (Second ed.), Roush, W.R. (1994). American College of Emergency Physicians. Order at www.acep.org
  • Journal of Emergency Medical Services from www.jems.com
  • EMS Magazine from www.emsmagazine.com

Thank-you for your interest in EMS!

Next, you may begin the Medical Oversight tutorial.


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