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Why get involved?

At least three reasons from a personal, professional and community perspective.

  • Personal: it is said we all have at least one ambulance ride in our future. For self, family and friends, we should invest some time and effort to assure that the out-of-hospital care is all it can be.
  • Professional: the out-of-hospital care our patient's receive can impact our continuing patient care; we want to maximize the capability of our local ambulance service to initiate the best care possible in a timely manner.
  • Community: in general, rural health resources are inadequate when compared to more urban environments, thus making it important to maximize what's available, including the local ambulance services. For an overview of what the future may bring, review The EMS Agenda for the Future .

There is also the intense satisfaction of reaching out and extending your medical care past the boundaries of your routine practice environment.


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