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Medical Director Qualifications

Who can become an indirect or off-line medical director?

The most important quality for a rural EMS medical director is having an INTEREST in doing the job.

The National Association of EMS Medical Directors (NAEMSP) published a position paper that identified the following recommended qualifications for an EMS medical director.

Essential qualifications

  • Licensed to practice medicine or osteopathy
  • Familiar with local/regional EMS activities

Desirable qualifications

  • Board certification or board preparedness in emergency medicine
  • Active clinical practice of emergency medicine
  • Completion of an EMS fellowship

Acceptable qualifications

  • Board certification or board preparedness in a clinical specialty approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties or the American Osteopathic Association.

Again, for the rural/frontier environment, one of the most important characteristics for a physician medical director is the DESIRE to provide medical oversight for the local ambulance service.



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