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Medical Director Duties

The duties of the offline or indirect medical director encompasses the following list of responsibilities:

  • Training
  • Quality improvement
  • Dispatch
  • Communications
  • Protocol review/development
  • Continuing medical education
  • Direct medical direction
  • Critical incident stress debriefing
  • Involvement in state and national organization
  • Research
  • Injury prevention
  • Receiving facilities
  • Finance

At first glance (or even second glance), 'The List' of duties noted above is somewhat intimidating. The most critical component is quality improvement and although it does include various other listed items from time to time, it is the key component of the medical director's role. Many responsibilities on ‘The List’ will be performed by other personnel in the EMS system and require only your oversight and/or recommendations. It is important to remember that your primary responsibility is for the medical care provided by the individual EMT and the EMS system and for the continuous effort to maintain and improve that medical care.



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