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Again, from the medical director's perspective, your primary responsibility is for the medical care provided by your EMTs and EMS system and the continuous effort to maintain and improve that medical care.

Quality improvement activities help answer the question, "What do I need to know in order to determine how my EMT’s and my EMS system cares for patient’s in the field so that I can:

  • Encourage good patient care
  • Change inadequate patient care
  • Continuously improve patient care, even if it is only a little bit at a time (this can mean making BLS or ALS care better, going from BLS to ALS, or working on a part of the system that impacts care such as communication, receiving facilities, etc.)."

Various QI activities can be utilized to accomplish this task, for a few examples click here.

A more indepth EMS QI resource can be obtained from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration through their document: A Leadership Guide to Quality Improvement for Emergency Medical Services.

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